Flushing of water distribution system to begin today in Trenton

Fire Hydrant being flushed

Trenton Municipal Utilities staff will begin flushing the distribution system beginning Wednesday, April 6th, 2022.

Crews will begin flushing the area east of the Railroad tracks to Highway 65. This is a semi-annual requirement of the water treatment process. This routine maintenance improves the quality of your drinking water. There may be some discolored water during the hours of flushing, which will be Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. It is recommended to run the water for a short time to make sure that the water is clear before doing laundry or waiting until after flushing hours. Patrons may also experience low water pressure for periods of time.

For questions contact the Water Treatment Plant at 660-359-3211.

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