DOC reports 34 new cases of COVID-19 at Western Missouri Correctional Center; Grundy County records 8 new cases

Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 cases among offenders at the Western Missouri Correctional Center of Cameron have increased by 34, bringing the cumulative total to 144.

The Missouri Department of Corrections reports 83 of the cases are active, and 61 have recovered. Cases among staff have gone up by four to 93. Thirty of those cases are active, and 63 have recovered.

At the Chillicothe Correctional Center, offender COVID-19 cases have remained at 263, with six active and 257 recovered. Staff cases increased by two to 52. Nine of those cases are active, and 43 have recovered.

Eight COVID-19 cases have been added to Grundy County.

The health department reports the total as 378. Two hundred eighty-four cases have been confirmed, and 94 are probable. Active cases increased by one to 42. Sixteen COVID-19-related deaths have been reported for Grundy County.