Business man threatens to distribute sexual images after failing to complete work on home in Daviess County

Charges Filed

A Blue Springs man accused of failing to complete a remodel and home addition and allegedly threatening to distribute sexual images has been charged in Daviess County.

Fifty-year-old Robert Williams faces felonies of deceptive business practice, threatening non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images, and tamper or attempting to tamper with a victim in a felony prosecution.

A probable cause statement from Missouri Attorney General’s Office Investigator Lindsey Velasquez says Williams operated a business called Xtreme Concrete and Outdoor Living and entered into an agreement with a woman in March 2020 concerning a new addition and remodel work on a home in Daviess County. The investigator notes Williams failed to complete work as promised and did not refund $19,140 the woman paid to him from April to May 2020.

Williams was said to have received private sexual images of the woman through text messages sent by the woman from March to July 2020. He reportedly threatened to distribute the images in an attempt to keep her from reporting his deceptive business practices to the Missouri Attorney General’s Office. The probable cause statement says the victim is fearful of Williams due to close proximity of geographical locations, previous threats through text messages, and a history of him entering her dwelling without knocking or permission.

It is noted Williams has at least two probation revocations due to violations and has previously had four orders of protection against him from at least three different women.