Pickup strikes retail building in Trenton with driver allegedly leaving the scene of the crash

Accident Graphic

The Trenton Police Department released information on March 5th about an incident that happened in the 200 block of East 9th Street on February 13th, around 1 o’clock in the morning, in which a pickup truck hit a building and allegedly left the scene.

Sergeant Matt Preston reports the truck driven by 36-year-old Braden Mark Spicher of Trenton traveled east on Ninth Street, exceeding the posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour, and the vehicle went sideways. The truck crossed the center of the road, ran off the left side, struck a curb, went across a sidewalk, and hit Harvest Moon at 209 East Ninth Street. There was damage reported to a door of the building and a window. The business was not open at the time.  Spicher reportedly put the pickup in reverse, backed into the street, and left going west on Ninth Street. He and passenger 35-year-old Stephen Isaac Hartsook of Trenton were later identified and located.

Both told police Spicher drove a few blocks before stopping to switch drivers due to trauma he received. The driver said he suffered facial injuries, specifically to his nose, and head and neck trauma. However, he did not seek medical treatment. Spicher admitted the truck was not properly registered at the time of the crash, it had previously known mechanical problems, and it did not have license plates displayed.

Hartsook and Spicher also admitted to consuming alcohol before the crash but denied being intoxicated. Both claimed to have worn seat belts and said the airbags did not deploy.

Preston notes the investigation continues, and charges are pending.

Harvest Moon reported on its Facebook page that it was closed for a few days after the accident.