Brookfield pair charged with multiple drug-related felonies

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Two Brookfield residents are facing felony charges in Linn County after drug paraphernalia was reportedly discovered at a local residence in February.

According to online court documents, Carl Alan Devillez II, aged 37, and Lisa Marie Smith, 35, have been charged with possession of a controlled substance, maintaining a public nuisance, unlawful drug possession, and two counts of first-degree endangering the welfare of a child involving drugs. Devillez is additionally charged with a drug possession offense linked to a prior incident.

The initial court appearance for both individuals is scheduled for January 4th.

Probable cause statements detail that during the execution of a search warrant, authorities discovered a variety of items. These included a clear glass smoking device with methamphetamine residue, a container with white residue, a blue pill marked M30 in a plastic bag, a red straw with residue, a bag containing a green leafy substance, and rolling papers.

Devillez purportedly admitted that the pill, labeled as oxycodone, was actually fentanyl. He also claimed that Smith was involved in acquiring and arranging purchases of narcotics such as oxycodone, fentanyl, and methamphetamine.

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