Audio: Trenton R-9 Superintendent Dan Wiebers on no-tax-increase ballot issue

Trenton R-9 School District

The Trenton R-9 School District will have a ballot measure on the April 2nd Municipal Election asking to extend the district’s debt service levy of 90 cents for an additional 20 years. The last no-tax-increase extension of debt for the district was in 2010.

Superintendent Dan Wiebers says a yes vote on the no-tax-increase levy would allow the district to extend the debt service levy and generate about seven million dollars to complete projects at all school district buildings.



Other projects include expansion of the Trenton Middle School and High School Library Media Center, S. M. Rissler Elementary School office and entrance renovation, and new restrooms and concession stand at C. F. Russell Stadium. The total estimated cost of the project is about six point eight million dollars.

Wiebers says the Trenton R-9 Board of Education selected Ellison-Auxier Architects of Saint Joseph to create renderings and blueprints for the building project. Ellison-Auxier has not been paid and will work for free until the ballot measure is approved. The architects will continue work for the project if the no-tax-increase levy is approved in April with a four-sevenths supermajority.

The current levy for the Trenton R-9 School District is $4.14 and a half cents per $100 of assessed valuation. Three dollars and twenty-four and a half cents of that comes from the incidental fund, and 90 cents is from the debt fund. The no-tax-increase levy means district patrons would not see an increase in their property taxes due to new construction.



If the ballot measure passes, Trenton R-9 can also proceed with issuing bonds to generate funds for the building project. Wiebers says the district works with George K. Baum, and he would contact the company to sell bonds to local residents and businesses.

Wiebers expects the bonds would go on sale soon after the election, if the measure is approved, and funds would be generated by mid-summer.



Wiebers will give several presentations on the no-tax-increase levy leading up to the April 2nd Election. Those include at the Trenton Rotary Club meeting at the First Christian Church today and the Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce Luncheon March 27th. There will also be a community forum in the THS Commons the night of March 28th at 7 o’clock.

The forum will include the presentation, a question and answer session, and more information on how residents can help campaign if they would like to.

Those wanting to know more, have questions, or want to make an appointment to talk to Wiebers should call the Trenton R-9 School District Office at 359-3994 or email [email protected]. Information is also available on the Trenton R-9 website.