Audio: Trenton Police Department releases official cause of death in Tanner Ward case

Tanner Ward of Trenton

The Trenton Police Department has released the results of the complete autopsy report in the Tanner Ward case.

Lieutenant Police Chief Rex Ross reports the police and the Grundy County Coroner received the report and the official cause of death.



The report was from Frontier Forensics of Kansas City, Kansas and Ross notes he has not personally seen the report firsthand.

Ross said the Trenton Police Department has spent a significant amount of time on investigating the case, but part of the investigation into the case will now be closed.



Previous reports from the police department indicated that Ward was last seen on foot leaving his mother’s home in Trenton June 7th last year. Remains the forensics lab determined to be Ward’s were found in a wooded area between the railroad tracks and Shanklin Avenue in December.