Audio: Former Grundy County deputy featured on Investigation Discovery’s Body Cam program

A former Grundy County deputy was featured on an episode of Investigation Discovery’s program Body Cam.

Christian Goode says he worked for the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office in 2016 but is now a Deputy Sheriff/Investigator with the Sequoyah County, Oklahoma Sheriff’s Office.

The Body Cam episode covered an incident in October 2017 in which he was stabbed by a suspect. The day of the incident, Goode said he was on patrol as a road deputy and was to find a sex offender who had failed to register and had a few felony warrants.

Goode stopped at the suspect’s mother’s residence to find out the suspect’s anticipated whereabouts, then saw his own mother and told her there was nothing out of the ordinary about his search.



Goode says another officer transported him to the hospital, and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. He notes he was “very lucky” and did not have to have any surgery, however, doctors did run a few tests and a probe to make sure the knife tip did not break off.

Goode was able to go home that night and went back to “light” work after six weeks of recovery. He calls himself “blessed” and “thankful” to be alive.

This Summer crews with Investigation Discovery interviewed Goode, his wife, and three other officers on the scene of the incident.



The program is available online at the Investigation Discovery website.