Chillicothe author and illustrator debuts new children’s book “Three Little Zombies”

David Hesler

A Chillicothe author and illustrator will celebrate the debut of his new children’s book at the Boji Stone Cafe at 612 Washington Street in Chillicothe.

L. David Hesler will debut “Three Little Zombies”, sign books, and answer questions about his work the morning of December 22nd from 9 to 10 o’clock. Hesler says he has been fascinated by zombies since he was a child, and his new story turns the zombie genre on its head. The little zombies are a group of friends who are lost and need help in the world of humans. “Three Little Zombies” is a modern fairy tale about inclusion and friendship.

Hesler previously published fantasy and horror fiction for young adults as well as a stage play produced for live audiences in 2012. He also produces the “Bad Notes” podcast and “The Be Mega Podcast”.

More information can be found on Hesler’s Facebook page.

(Photo credit: David Hesler Facebook page)