American Legion and Women’s Auxiliary seek new members to expand ranks

American Legion

The American Legion Post of Trenton and the Women’s Auxiliary are both seeking new members. Adjutant Jack Griffin says anyone who is a veteran who served during a war-time is eligible.

The American Legion of Trenton meets the fourth Tuesday of each month. The Women’s Auxiliary of Trenton was recently rechartered.

Secretary-Treasurer Brandy Roberts says members of the Auxiliary must be related to a veteran or be a veteran themselves and notes the goal of the Auxiliary is to help veterans and their families in the community.

Members of the American Legion Post or Women’s Auxiliary in Trenton do not have to be from the Trenton area to belong.

Anyone interested in becoming a member should contact American Legion Post Adjutant Jack Griffin, Women’s Auxiliary Vice President Lori Shuler or Secretary-Treasurer Brandy Roberts, or another member of the groups.