All lanes of Highway 36 closed East and West of Chillicothe

MoDOT Map Road Closures in and around Chillicothe May 2019

Authorities are now reporting that all lanes of Highway 36 are now closed due to flooding west of Chillicothe.

This comes just a couple of hours after Highway 36 was closed east of Chillicothe near Wheeling due to water flowing over all four lanes of travel.

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox reported earlier today that other road closures include Highway 65 south of Chillicothe that was closed on Wednesday and  Highway 190 from the Thompson River to Highway Y is closed.

Traffic is currently being detoured according to MoDOT with the following routes:

  • U.S. Route 36 eastbound is being directed up Interstate 35 north to U.S. Route 136 then east onto U.S. 63 south.
  • U.S. Route 36 westbound is being directed up U.S. Route 63 north to U.S. Route 136 west to I-35 south.
  • Brookfield traffic will be able to utilize Route 5.

 Motorists are reminded not to drive through flowing or standing water.