Recent rainfall brings welcome relief to areas with drought conditions in north Missouri


The U. S. Drought Monitor Map for this week indicates hardly any abnormally dry conditions remain in the Green Hills Area. The map was released the morning of November 4 and is based on conditions as of November 2.

For the Green Hills, there are only abnormally dry conditions in the northeastern part of Linn County. It is no longer considered abnormally dry in any of Harrison, Daviess, Caldwell, or Livingston counties.

For the rest of northern Missouri, abnormally dry conditions still exist in Holt, Nodaway, Andrew, Chariton, Macon, Randolph, Shelby, and Monroe counties. It is also still abnormally dry in parts of eastern and southern Missouri. Moderate drought remains in part of southern Missouri.

The map indicates there are abnormally dry conditions in 6.73% of Missouri, which is down 9.33% from last week. Moderate drought in the state stayed at .53%.

There were 2.43 inches of rain measured at Trenton for the week ending November 2 at 7 a.m.

A record was set with 1.57 inches for the 24 hours ending October 28 at 7 a.m. The previous record was 1.27 inches in 1980.

Year-to-date moisture at Trenton measures 39.39 inches, which is 3.85 inches above normal.