Audio: Farmers look ahead to 2024, hoping to put back-to-back dry years behind them

Soybeans in a field
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(Missourinet) – Some Missouri farmers thinking about the 2024 growing season are worried about the weather, but also about the volatility of the price they’ll receive and the spike in input costs, due to inflation. Past chair of the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council, Kyle Durham, says back-to-back dry years have depleted much of the subsoil moisture.

Durham says his farm along the Missouri River near Norborne in northwest Missouri had very surprising soybean yields this year, despite the extreme heat and dry conditions.



“Going into like the first of August, you know, the pods that we did have set, they were flat. I mean there just wasn’t anything to them,” he says. “So when we got those rains that first weekend in August, you know if you’re gonna call anything a million-dollar rain that was it.”

Durham says improved genetics in crops have helped corn and soybeans better absorb whatever rain they do get.

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