Trenton High School hosts Scholar Bowl competition

Trenton High School

Trenton High School Monday hosted Princeton and Maysville in varsity Scholar Bowl competitions with Trenton winning both of its matches.

Trenton defeated Princeton 420 to 110. And Trenton beat Maysville 320 to 200. In the closest scoring of the event, Maysville edges Princeton 243 to 241. The scholar competition was divided by quarters, four quarters total per match.

Trenton Roster: Lawrence Link, Jacob Roy, Dakota Cutsinger, Anikan Burkeybile, Mackenzie Klinginsmith, Madi Cutsinger, Tanner Franklin

Princeton Roster: Andrew Birge, Jerod McClain, Charlee Prentice, Robert Esposito

Maysville Roster: Emily Adams, Addie Fitzwater, Morgan Tait, Conner Berry, Jordan Browning