Trenton High School Alumni Association schedules mailing

THS Alumni Association

The annual mass mailing by the Trenton High School Alumni Association has been scheduled for March 25th.

In preparations for the mailing, classes are reminded of the need for reunion plans to be included in the tentative schedule that accompanies’s the mailing. Over 6,000 alums of THS will receive a letter that includes both a tentative schedule and an information sheet providing news for alums. Classes are invited to include a one-page letter for the mailing.

In addition to the mailing, individuals are encouraged to provide updated addresses for class members. Labels need to be prepared for use at the mailing session. Class lists are available from Doctor John Holcomb.

Class plans and updates should be sent to Dr. John Holcomb or Steve Maxey as soon as possible. Work on the mass mailing March 25th begins at 1:30 in the Trenton High School Commons.