Trenton Building and Nuisance Board declares five locations a nuisance

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board
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Five locations in Trenton have been declared a nuisance by the Trenton Building and Nuisance Board, four of them have had property damaged by fire.

Added to the nuisance list last night was 213 East Crowder Road with Building Inspector Wes Barone reporting the owners, Russell and Bea Shaw, signed a letter of intent to have the house torn down after it was damaged in a recent fire.

Barone said he expects the owner of 1429 Chestnut, Anthony Pauley, to sign a letter of intent for demolition after that location was damaged in a recent fire. 1801 Chicago, owned by Melanie Avery, was declared a nuisance after the fire occurred in the basement and got into the wiring. 1806 Bolser, according to Barone, had wiring issues when it caught fire and he quoted the new owner as planning to re-build.  The other location declared a nuisance was 1013 Tindall Avenue. In an update on another location of past concern, Barone reported 513 East 9th Court is now owned by Carlos Hendricks.

The Building and Nuisance Board asked Barone to speak with the new owner of the former Lakeview Motel property regarding an open trench following a fire there. That location has gone through the process and the city issued a certificate of existence of a dangerous property on the deed. The property will not be removed until the issue is resolved.

Barone said he anticipates the closing this week on Walden apartments at 1010 Avalon. He was told the new owner is looking for a contractor to tear down apartments that were damaged in a fire. A 30-day extension was granted by the board since the area of concern remains in the “findings of fact” category.

John Berry attended a public hearing regarding requested work at 601 East 19th Street. He was given a 30-day extension after indicating some progress has been made. 601 East 9th, with owner Bob Overton, was granted a 60-day extension.  City officials corrected the address for storage units at 16th Street and Park Lane allowing another 30 days for doors that have been ordered, to arrive.

The board voted to move 1614 Mable Street, with owners listed as Kathy Reeder and William Earl Gott, to the certificate of existence of a dangerous building.

Six members of the Trenton Building and Nuisance Board attended the meeting in person while a seventh, Tim Bland, observed before he was later in the evening, officially appointed to the board by the Trenton City Council.

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