Salaries for city of Trenton employees to change in order to comply with new labor laws

City of Trenton

The Trenton City Council’s Finance Committee is recommending the salaries of five city employees be increased and compensation to another city employee be changed from salary to hourly.

The U.S. Department of Labors’ overtime law which takes effect December 1 requires eligible employees receive overtime pay at time and one-half for hours above a 40 hour week unless their salary is at least $47,476.

The council is recommending salaries be raised to $47,500 for Assistant Police Chief Rex Ross, Fire Chief Brandon Gibler, Economic and Community Development Director Ralph Boots, Trenton Municipal Utilities Comptroller Rosetta Marsh, and Electric Plant Supervisor Steve Sims.

Gibler would receive a yearly pay increase of $2,853, Sims $499, Boots $475, Ross $208, and Mrs. Marsh $52 dollars.

Compensation for Code Enforcement Officer Donnie Vandevender is being recommended to be changed from salary to hourly, otherwise, his salary would need to be increased by $10, 200 to meet the $47,500 level.

Other salaried workers in Trenton who already exceed $47, 500 dollars are the City Administrator position to be filled by Ron Urton Junior effective December 6th, Police Chief Tommy Wright, City Clerk Cindy Simpson, Street Supervisor Martin Scheib, and Trenton Municipal Utilities Supervisors Mark Newton in electrical distribution, Kenny Rickets in water and wastewater distribution, Bob Hutchinson at the waste water plant, and Steve Reid at the water plant.