North Mercer Board of Education accepts resignation, hires social studies teacher

North Mercer Board of Education accepts four resignations, adds baseball for 2017

The North Mercer Board of Education has accepted the resignation of Patty Stark as 21st Century grant coordinator effective at the end of this month.

The board offered a contract for a high school social studies teacher. The name is being withheld until the job offer is accepted.

Coaches at North Mercer next school year are to be the same as during the past year, although the district will be starting a baseball program. Originally, all the baseball games were to be played on the road because of a lack of a baseball field at Mercer.

However, with North Mercer and Princeton cooperating in baseball, two games are to be played at Princeton. A total of six to ten baseball games are expected to be scheduled as a non-conference sport. Five have been scheduled thus far.

The board also approved eighteen recipients of Millemon math awards. Each receives thirteen dollars, twenty nine cents.