New poll shows overwhelming bipartisan support for investing in childcare and early childhood education in Missouri

Missouri (MO) Champion of Children website

A new poll released by the Missouri Champion of Children coalition — a group comprising child advocates, law enforcement, military, business, and healthcare leaders — shows widespread bipartisan support among Missouri voters for increasing investments in childcare and early childhood education programs across the state. A memo of key findings is available by clicking or tapping here.

The survey, conducted Oct. 3-5, 2023, by Victory Enterprises, involved 600 likely general election voters in Missouri. It revealed that majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and independents believe quality early childhood education leads to better outcomes for children, supports working parents thus helping the economy, and reduces crime rates in local communities.

“Missourians across the demographic, political, and ideological spectrum overwhelmingly support affordable, quality childcare and early learning opportunities for Missouri children,” said Brian Schmidt, executive director of Kids Win Missouri. “This crisis impacts children and families, public safety, and our economy. Significant progress has already been made, and with the support of Missourians, we look forward to continuing to strengthen policies and investments in childcare and early education in 2024.”

Key findings from the poll include:

  • 86% of voters, including 75% of Republicans and 94% of Democrats, say students with quality early childhood education have a better chance of success in school.
  • 89% agree that increasing access to affordable childcare will help more parents succeed at work.
  • 62% of very conservative voters and 86% of very liberal voters believe increasing access to early childhood education will reduce crime.
  • 90% of voters say having childcare options for families supports businesses and the economy.
  • 55% of voters believe the state spends too little on early childhood education.
  • 61% of voters disagree with the statement, “It is easy to find affordable childcare in my area.”

The poll also tested numerous policy proposals to address childcare and early childhood education accessibility and affordability challenges. Each proposal received majority support from voters across the political spectrum, including:

  • 72% support creating a state fund to match local investments in childcare and early education.
  • 74% support tax incentives for charitable contributions to childcare providers.
  • 84% support tax incentives for businesses that provide childcare benefits.

Learn more about the movement to support childcare and early childhood on the Missouri Champion of Children website.