Missouri executes man convicted of killing two unarmed jail workers

Tisius Michael mugshot (Photo courtesy Missouri Department of Corrections)
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(Missourinet) – Michael Tisius took his last breath Tuesday at the state prison in Bonne Terre. He was declared dead at 6:10 p.m.

The 42-year-old was convicted in the killings of two Randolph County jail workers in a plot to break out an inmate. In 2000, he pulled a gun he was hiding in his pants and shot to death Leon Egley and Jason Acton. Both were unarmed. Tisius’ execution marks the third this year in the state of Missouri.

In Tisius’ final written statement, he said, “I am holding tightly to my faith. It’s all I have to take with me. I am sorry it had to come to this in this way. I wish I could have made things right while I was still here. I really did try to become a better man. I really tried hard to give as much as I could to as many as I could. I tried to forgive others as I wish to be forgiven. And I pray that God will forgive those who condemn men. Just as He forgave those who condemned Him. I am sorry. And not because I am at the end. But because I am truly sorry. And I need to say that I love you, Truffle. Seacrest Out!”

Tisius and his attorney attempted to block the execution. The Missouri Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court both denied those efforts.

Tisius also asked Gov. Mike Parson to spare his life. The governor denied the request for clemency.

“Missouri’s judicial system provided Mr. Tisius with due process and fair proceedings for his brutal murders of two Randolph County jail guards,” Governor Parson said in a written statement. “Having run a small county jail, I know firsthand the hard work and selflessness displayed by those who work there. It’s despicable that two dedicated public servants were murdered in a failed attempt to help another criminal evade the law.”

Prior to the execution, Rev. Melissa Potts-Bower, Spiritual Advisor to Michael Tisius said:

“Michael’s deep faith, remorse, and compassion for others is astounding and inspiring. It does great damage to the soul of our government and our people to needlessly murder him in our name. We continue to pray fervently that the state of Missouri will make a better choice.”

The American Bar Association previously called to stop the execution because Tisius was 19 at the time of the crime, citing that a human brain is not fully developed until an individual is in their mid-20s.

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