Latest census numbers continue population loss across north Missouri

U.S. Census estimates show communities across the nine-county Green Hills area continuing to lose population.  Estimates from July 1, 2015 include Trenton at 5,896 (down 105 from the 2010 census).  Other Grundy County estimates include Spickard at 254, Galt 253, and Laredo 198.  Each of those numbers is down (just a few people) from 2010.

Population estimates for other area communities include Chillicothe at 9,487, Brookfield 4,358, Bethany 3,149, Marceline 2,154, Milan 1,852, Unionville 1,815, Gallatin 1,774, Hamilton 1,711, Princeton 1,133, Braymer 848, Green City 618, Polo 540, Jamesport 507, Meadville 449, Gilman City 364, Mercer 312, Eagleville 305, Winston 255, Chula 203, and Newtown 175.

All of those estimates for July 2015 are down compared to the 2010 census.

The latest population estimates indicate Columbia has overtaken Independence as Missouri’s fourth-largest city.

Population data released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau show Columbia has gained about 10,600 residents between 2010 and 2015, a 9 percent increase that brought the population to roughly 119,000.

Only Kansas City gained more residents over the same period, adding about 15,600 to a population that grew to roughly 475,000.

St. Louis City continues to lose residents. The Census Bureau estimates the city has lost 3,600 people since 2010, putting its population around 316,000.

More Missouri towns have lost residents over the last five years than have gained. Towns that lost residents saw an average decrease of about 30 people, while places that gained experienced an average increase of 300.