Grundy R-5 Board of Education Meets

board of education
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Grundy R-5 coach and athletic director Les Jackson has submitted his resignation from those duties. Jackson will continue to teach math at Grundy R-5.

Jackson has been a coach there for thirty four years. The board heard the resignation letter but no board action was required since the resignation involved extra duties.

The Grundy R-5 board accepted the resignation of Kindergarten through 12th grade music teacher Rachel Lorenz.

Shelby Rogers of Brookfield was employed to fill the vocal and instrumental music position in Kindergarten through 12th grade for next school year. This will be her first year of teaching.

Several contracts were offered for various coaching positions. Details have not yet been announced.

The Grundy R-5 board approved Kimbra Mullenix to continue as a parents as teachers educator next school year.

The board approved Brandon and Sarah Rains for lawn mowing services this season. The cost will be two hundred dollars per mowing. That’s the combined charge for mowing the school properties at Galt and Humphreys.

A bid from MFA of Trenton was approved for bus fuel and propane. The bus fuel is two cents below the pump price. The propane is $1.14 cents per gallon.

The Grundy R-5 board approved a bid from IT Savvy for wireless network equipment that would be purchased through a federal e-grant which still must be obtained.

The equipment cost is approximately sixty nine hundred dollars. The district would be responsible for twenty percent of the amount.

Grand River Mutual was approved to continue providing telephone services.

The board approved National Public Schools Insurance to offer student accident insurance for families which wish to purchase it.

Friday is the final day of classes this school year at Grundy R-5. Dismissal times are 11:30 at Galt and 11:40 at Humphreys.

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