Grundy Electric receives $10M loan from USDA

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Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett announced Wednesday that the United States Department of Agriculture is investing more $398,500,000 to improve rural electric service in 13 states through the Electric Infrastructure Loan Program.

Grundy Electric Cooperative, which is headquartered in Trenton, received a $10,000,000 loan, which includes $270,000 for smart grid projects.

The Rural Development investment will add 379 consumers, build 109 miles of line, improve 80 miles of line, and make other system improvements.

Grundy Electric serves about 6,700 consumers over nearly 2,800 miles of energized line in 12 counties of North Central Missouri and South Central Iowa.

The service territory for Grundy Electric includes Grundy, Mercer, Harrison, Sullivan, Putnam, Gentry, Daviess, Linn, and Livingston counties in Missouri and Wayne, Decatur, and Ringgold counties in Iowa.

The USDA’s investments include nearly $43,700,000 for smart grid technology to increase system efficiencies.

Smart grid technology includes computer applications, two-way machine-to-machine communications, geospatial information systems, and other tools to increase the reliability and efficiency of electric power systems.