Grundy County Nursing Home Board approves funds for emergency repairs on boiler

Sunnyview Nursing Home

At a meeting of the Grundy County Nursing Home District Board, approval was given to a request to make repairs on Sunnyview Nursing Homes’ boiler which was described as an “emergency purchase” at a cost of $3,460.

The board of directors noted an estimate was received that it would cost $210,000 to replace the boiler which has surpassed its expected life span.

The board accepted a new personnel policy regarding computer usage when accessing protected health information.

Board members Don Altes and Barbara Cox have terms expiring with the election next April. Candidates wishing to run for a three-year term on the county nursing home board may file during regular office hours at Sunnyview from December 13 through January 17.

In a closed session of the board, members approved an education reimbursement request for Assistant Administrator Matthew Arthaud to attend North Central Missouri College to complete his registered nurse degree.

Administrator Donita Youtsey revised plans for what’s called a harvest dinner Today (Nov 18) at Sunnyview Nursing Home, the residential care facility’s holiday dinner December 10, and bake sales for the residents’ adopted Christmas family.

The public is invited to purchase baked goods at Sunnyview on November 21 and December 9.