Grundy County Commission to hold public hearing on property tax levy

Grundy County Missouri Courthouse

The Grundy County Commission holds a public hearing August 16th on the proposed property tax levy for this year.

A levy of slightly over eighteen cents on the one hundred dollars of assessed valuation is proposed, which is an increase of nearly one cent on the one hundred dollars of assessed valuation compared to last year.

Assessed valuation in Grundy County is slightly over $124,000,000, which is up more than $628,000 compared to last year.

The railroad and utility assessed valuation are up $698,000. Real estate assessed valuation is up more than $463,000. Personal property assessed valuation is down $533,000.

New construction is listed at slightly over $635,000, creating nearly $1,200 in revenue at the proposed tax rate.

The public hearing is the morning of August 16th at 9 o’clock in the County Commissioner’s room of the Grundy County Courthouse in Trenton.