Gilman City Board of Education approves 2021-2022 budget

Gilman City School

The Gilman City R-4 Board of Education approved the 2021-2022 budget on June 29th. Expenditures are projected at $1,841,160, and revenues are anticipated to be $1,781,781. There is a projected deficit of $59,379.

The 2020-2021 budget was reviewed. Total expenditures were $1,890,907.44, and total revenues were $2,097,433.13. There was an excess of $206,525.69.

The board approved a federal programs expenditure and evaluation, participations report, professional development evaluation, program handbook, and summary of planned professional development. Career ladder tutoring was also approved.

Superintendent Roger Alley reported summer cleaning was going well. Ceilings in classrooms have been lowered.