Gallatin Board of Aldermen meet

Daviess County Courthouse

A representative with MIRMA presented a grant award to the Mayor of Gallatin at the Gallatin Board of Aldermen meeting Monday evening.

Jeff Arp presented the 75% cost grant award for $1,396.52 for the purchase of an electric crimper. The board approved purchasing two certificates of deposit for $350,000 each at Farmer’s Bank at the rate of 2.11% to 2.13% annual percentage yield for 14 months. An auditor proposal for 2018-2020 from John Gillum was accepted as well as Joe Jumps liquor license request to serve by the drink including Sunday sales at 200 Park Street.

Several items were deferred by the board until it consults with the city attorney. Those items included a pay application for Ross Construction, engineer/consultant’s certification, and public drinking water construction statement of work completed.

Discussion of the 2019 budget included replacing the Dodge Dakota, mower, skid loader, and cables on the blue bucket truck, purchasing a new dump truck, and roof repairs on the electric barn.

The board also discussed painting the front of the cupola building. Mayor Barb Ballew recommended nominating Penny Gardner, Greg Ball, and Nathan Curtis to the Park Board. The board of aldermen accepted the nominations.

The police department provided a traffic report of the speed limits on West Grand. Changing the speed limit for both directions on the street was discussed.

Public Works Director Mark Morey reported Utility Service performed its biennial water tower wash out inspection October 16th. The city did not experience any pressure issues. A new chemical supplier from Iowa has performed testing at the water plant several times a week. Operators are trying to find the right chemical and mechanical combination to keep the clarifiers operating correctly.

Morey reported Ross Construction replaced and filled mortar between bricks at the plant last week. A sealer was sprayed on the bricks, and the bricks need to be resprayed every five years. Snyder and Associates will test the moisture in the walls and sheetrock at the plant next week.