Gallatin Board of Aldermen announce results of meeting held on January 23rd

Gallatin City Hall
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The Gallatin Board of Aldermen took action on public works matters on January 23rd.

A bid was accepted from Scobee Powerline Construction for $30,395.50 for pole replacement on Highway 6. Public Works Director Mark Morey reported the city did not have the proper equipment or manpower to do the job safely. He said the bid would decrease if Scobee could use some of the city’s materials for the job.

A bid was presented from Altec of $21,141.73 for repairs on a digger derrick truck. Morey went through a list and removed some repairs he considered minor. He presented the list of repairs for $13,691.49. The board approved the repairs for the truck for $13,691.49.

Administrator Lance Rains provided a list of tools needed for the street department. He discussed the Army Surplus Store and limits for the street department to spend to get the tools. The board approved $1,000 or less for the list of tools to be bought from the Army Surplus Store.

The board voted for Rains to move forward in drafting an ordinance to make the alley between Grand and VanBuren one way. Kathy Wilson spoke at a previous meeting and said delivery trucks hitting her fence. She wanted the board to consider making the alley one way from north to south.

Rains presented information about multiple communities adding a recreational marijuana tax to the ballot. He explained the majority he had seen that have passed or are on the ballot are 3%. The board wanted Rains to move forward with the process.

The board approved increasing the pay for cleaning city hall from $60 a month to $75 a month. This was after Rains presented a letter from Blanch Archer asking for a pay increase. Archer cleans city hall.

Rains reported Craig Gannan resigned from the street department. A decision was made to have Rains move forward with advertising for the street department opening.

Rains gave an update on advertising for a pool manager. Advertisements are in multiple places in Gallatin, including at the school. Information is also being shared on Facebook. Advertising will end on March 1st.

City Clerk Crystal Dorrel reported the pool phone was still active. The account is on vacation, which reduces the monthly cost, however, it will only be on vacation for six months.

Rains reported the city has two certificates of deposit maturing. One is a sales tax CD at BTC Bank for $68,675.71. The other is a water/wastewater CD at Farmers Bank for $101,853.55. The board approved moving the sales tax CD to Farmers Bank where the interest rate was set at 3.25% for five years. The water/wastewater interest rate was 3.8% for a one-year term.

Rains reminded the board about the Missouri Main Street meeting at Access II on January 26th from 5 to 7 p.m.

Alderman Carl McBee reported a resident told him she had been approached by a tree trimming company saying it was trimming trees for the city. Rains discussed another occasion in which a resident was approached by the same company. He said the trees in the easements are not the responsibility of the city but the responsibility of the landowner.

McBee also said a resident expressed appreciation to city hall employees for alerting him of a leak at his residence.

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