Five streets, one parking lot proposed for overlay work in Trenton

Road Work
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Portions of five streets and one parking lot in Trenton have been proposed for the street overlay project in 2023.  Collectively, the Trenton Street Department projects are expected to use 3,767 tons of asphalt.

Proposed for overlay work are East 10th Street between Normal and Oklahoma Avenue, Pleasant Plain, from 17th Street to 24th Street; Merrill Street, between West 10th Street and Crowder Road and West 10th Street from Tindall Avenue to Lawn Street.

Also on the list are three blocks of West 11th Street between Cedar and Gilmore Streets. City Administrator Ron Urton said several requests have been made over the years to have the bricked and patched-up street re-surfaced and smoothed to improve the driving experience.

Also proposed for the street overlay program is the city parking lot beside the Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) Hall along Washington Street.

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