City council chooses Rapid Removal as Trenton’s trash disposal service; Hope Haven to continue recycling in Trenton

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The Trenton City Council, with seven members present Monday night, unanimously accepted a bid for Rapid Removal Disposal to continue with residential trash pickup

Bids on residential solid waste collection came from two companies. Rapid Removal Disposal of Trenton submitted a monthly quote of $11.25 this year and pledged to keep it at $11.25 per month through the year 2023. WCA of Chillicothe submitted a monthly quote of $10.75 for this year and next, then 50-cent increases by WCA for the next three year period concluding 2023 at $12.25 a month.

The average rate, covering all five years of the contract, is $11.25 with Rapid Removal and ten cents higher, $11.35 with WCA. The current rate, including the extension through April, is $10.76 a month with Rapid Removal. In a previous bid late last year, WCA submitted a rate of $9.54 per month and Rapid Removal $11.25 a month.

Very little discussion was held on the bids during the city hall meeting but specifics from Rapid Removal indicate it plans to offer free yard waste disposal this coming fall while WCA says it has no plans for that. Rapid Removal noted it offers free glass recycling at the transfer station. It also proposes a fuel surcharge if diesel reaches $3.75 per gallon. WCA proposed a pickup of one bulky item per week free of charge. Rapid Removal’s quote had no charge for bulky item pickup. WCA also offered Trenton customers use of a 95-gallon waste cart with lid for an additional $3.00 per month per residence. Both bids requested the city handle monthly billing at $1.00 per household.

An ordinance was approved by a vote of five to two allowing Hope Haven Industries of Chillicothe to continue curbside recycling in Trenton. The cost this year is $3.64 per month. The price increases by seven cents in each of the next four years. The city of Trenton will continue to do the billing on behalf of Hope Haven. Opposed were Councilmen Brad Chumbley and Lou Fisher. The council also requested Hope Haven provide information to consumers on what can be recycled.

In other action, the city council approved ordinances allowing M&M Utilities of 812 Clay at Chillicothe to do two waterline projects this year in Trenton.

One involves the 8th Street water line between Kumler and Rural at a cost of $179,464. The other is the 9th Street waterline crossing elimination for $155,510. Both projects come in at a combined cost of $334,974.

Another ordinance adopted by the city council continues a contract with Everbridge Incorporated of Pasadena, California for mass notification of messages. The annual cost is $5,000 which is shared by three entities. The City of Trenton’s share is $,1700. Others sharing the cost are Grundy County and the Grundy County Health Department.

The council approved an ordinance renewing an agreement with Gilmore and Bell of Kansas City to assist with the city’s disclosure obligations for municipal securities bond. The $1,200 annual cost covers a five year period.

Two bids were submitted regarding mowing of seven city-owned lots plus the city cemetery. The council accepted the low bid of Dustin Etter of $220 for all of the locations.

The council approved a request from Mark Newton of the electric department to have a part-time clerk at the TMU warehouse with a proposed wage of $12.25 per hour.

Upon a recommendation from engineers at Lamp Rynearson, the council voted to reject two bids for the Normal Street sewer rehabilitation project and agreed to re-advertise. Bids had been made by M&M Utilities and All Clear Plumbing and Sewer of Jefferson City.