Cameron man posts bond after being arrested in Grundy County

Bail Bond or Gavel on desk with cash

The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office reports a Cameron man posted a $2,500 cash-only bond on felony non-support, total arrears in excess of 12 monthly payments due under an order of support.

The Chillicothe Police Department arrested 28-year-old Desmond Huff on March 2nd, and he is scheduled for the Associate Division of the Grundy County Circuit on March 9th.

Court documents accuse Huff of failing to make an ordered child support payment in November and having child support arrearage in excess of 12 months of court-ordered child support of $17,263.32.

Huff pleaded guilty in Livingston County Circuit Court in March 2016 to possession of a controlled substance and pleaded guilty in February 2014 to distribute/deliver/manufacture/produce or attempt to or possess with intent to distribute/deliver/manufacture/produce a controlled substance.