Authorities in Livingston County respond to flood-related incidents

Police Badge and Lights

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox reports several flood-related incidents Friday morning.

The sheriff’s office received information from the railroad crew south of Chillicothe that a man was on a levee south of U. S. Highway 36 and a couple of miles west of Highway 65. The man was reportedly yelling for someone to come tow his car off the side of the levee, as it was surrounded by flood water.

Officers responded and met an owner of Beetsma Farms who assisted the officers in getting the man out of the flooded area. The man was okay, but the car remains in that area. Cox reports the man will likely be cited for trespassing, careless and imprudent driving for leaving the road and violating road closed barriers and no proof of insurance.

A deputy reported seeing a vehicle traveling east on Highway 36 near Coon Creek in an area closed due to flooding, and the vehicle allegedly was driving through flood water. When the driver saw the deputy, he or she turned the vehicle around and drove west in the eastbound lanes in the water. Officers stopped the person at Utica, and the New Mexico driver was cited for careless and imprudent driving for violating the barricades closing Highway 36 at Utica.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office also received a report Friday morning of a semi driver who had gone through barricades at LIV 216 and Route V on Thursday. The barricades are there to prevent drivers from going into the flood water.

Cox reports the semi driver demanded assistance from a deputy in backing up the semi from the closed road. The driver may receive a citation for careless and imprudent driving once the incident report is complete.