Audio: State Representative Bruce Franks optimistic Missouri Senate will fund Summer Jobs Program


The only Democrat to chair a Missouri House committee is optimistic the Senate will fund a four-million dollar summer jobs program.

The House has voted 81-56 against the measure after members discussed a January KMOV-TV news report that quoted current and former employees at the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE) as saying SLATE is mismanaged. House Urban Issues Committee Chairman Bruce Franks blasted KMOV’s report on the House floor.



Franks tells House colleagues that GOP Speaker Elijah Haahr called him after KMOV’s report aired, to say “he had his back.”



Franks says the current and former SLATE employees interviewed by KMOV are disgruntled. Haahr tells Missourinet he’s disappointed in Representative Franks’ floor comments.



Haahr says the four-million-dollar request is more than the summer jobs program has utilized during the past two years.