Audio: Small town Hamilton revitalized with the help of Missouri Star Quilt Company

Missouri Star Quilt Company

Examples of small towns revitalizing their rural economies were presented when Andrew McCrae spoke Wednesday in Trenton during an event sponsored by the Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri. McCrae is one of the board members.

McCrae is the host of the American Countryside radio program heard weekdays on KTTN and hundreds of other radio stations. During his travels, McCrae said he has seen first hand, and reported, what some communities have done to revitalize their area.

On a recent program, McCrae was at Hamilton to learn how the once fading town has been a community bustling with visitors and new stores. McCrae visited with Misty Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company.



The grand opening for the Missouri Quilt Museum in Hamilton is Monday, September 23rd at 300 East Bird Street in Hamilton.