Audio: La Nina means a toss up when it comes to Missouri weather this Winter

Winter Weather

A climatologist says all bets are off predicting the weather in Missouri this winter.

Pat Guinan with the University of Missouri says Missouri is a transition state when it comes to La Nina weather patterns.

“For generally about the northern two-thirds of Missouri they actually give equal chances for above, below and near-normal temperatures, you know, not strong confidence on what’s going to happen with our temperature patterns,” he said. “Over the southern third of the state, there’s a slight enhancement of perhaps above normal temperatures.”

Guinan said it might be a wet winter in the Ohio river valley extending into the southeastern part of the state…

“But for the rest of Missouri we get equal chances for above, below and near normal precipitation,” he said.

Guinan says La Nina winters typically lead to cold and wet conditions in the northern U.S. and warm and dry conditions in the southern U.S.