Audio: Incoming Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz looks ahead to 2019 session

Missouri State Capitol

Missouri Senate Republicans are expected to finish three days of caucusing today (Thursday) in St. Louis. Republicans will control the chamber 24-10 in January. Incoming Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz tells Missourinet his agenda will be caucus-driven.



Schatz sponsored a proposed ten-cent gasoline tax increase this year. Proposition D failed statewide by about 173-thousand votes last week.



Schatz tells Missourinet he’s developed a good relationship with Senate Minority Leader Gina Walsh during the past four years. He says while they don’t always agree on policy, they respect each other.



Senate Republicans have been caucusing in St. Louis since Tuesday, evaluating what they worked on in 2018 and mapping out priorities for 2019. Job creation and tort reform are expected to be top issues for Senate Republicans.