Audio: Hawley condemns Senate delay in tackling excessive drug pricing

Drug Prices News Graphic

(Missourinet) – Two bills designed to lower drug costs for patients are being ignored by leaders by U.S. Senate leaders, so says Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri. One bill would cap prescription drug prices in the U.S. while the other would limit insulin costs to 25 dollars a month per patient:



“The American people, and the people of Missouri in particular, deserve to have relief from these outrageous prices. And these Big Pharma companies, they don’t need to charge us in Missouri 3 and 4 times for the same drugs that they’re charging people in Canada, or France, or England, or wherever. They can afford to bring down the price of these drugs. It’s price gouging, is what it is, and it needs to stop.”

Hawley told Missourinet he’ll go down to the floor of the U.S. Senate and force a vote if necessary.