Audio: Former Trenton resident details experience of living through California earthquake

California Earthquake July 4, 2019

A 1970 Trenton High School graduate, Barry Kenady, is a resident of Ridgecrest, California near the epicenter of a 6.4 magnitude quake that happened on July 4th and a 7.1 magnitude earthquake Friday evening.

Kenady, who’s lived in California about 35 years, has experienced earthquakes before but nothing like this.



Kenady’s residence was not believed damaged, but the contents were.  He and his wife, Tammy, were at a children’s program on July fourth which was later shown nationally on television newscasts about children panicking from the quake.



The Kenady’s returned home a couple of miles away to find items had fallen off shelves, and one shelf had fallen over, but there was no major damage. Their wood-frame home has extra construction features to deal with earthquakes.

The 6.4 magnitude quake was followed by several aftershocks, then on Friday evening, there was a five-point-six magnitude quake. Not long after that, the 7.1 hit while Kenady, his wife Tammy, and their son, Bill, were at home.



Although the Kenady residence had no known structural damage, a mobile home caught fire a couple of blocks away. The Kenady residence maintained power, water, and gas. With additional aftershocks expected, several neighbors planned to stay outside in tents for a few days but the Kenady family planned to remain in their residence.



Kenady quoted his wife Tammy as saying tornadoes worry her more than earthquakes as she grew up in California.