Chillicothe police respond to call involving suicidal man

Chillicothe Missouri Police Department

The Chillicothe Police Department reports the last few days have been busy.

The department reports one of the calls it responded to involved a suicidal individual who was driving around Chillicothe last week attempting to be pulled over, so he could complete suicide by provoking a police officer to shoot him.

Officers located the man and assisted in providing him with mental health assistance. The police say the man was uncooperative and wanted to fight officers while waiting at the police department. He was transported to a mental health facility.

Another call Chillicothe Police responded to involved a motor vehicle crash on Thursday in which the department reports the driver traveled several blocks while under the influence of narcotics, crashed several times, and had a child in the vehicle. An investigation lead police to believe the driver had been under the influence of narcotics for up to several days.

Investigation also lead to the arrest of a 37-year-old man on driving while intoxicated and child endangerment. The man was transported to the Daviess-DeKalb Regional Jail and later charged in Livingston County.

The Chillicothe Police Department also reports that it has received several complaints about the response time to some of its calls, but it has to prioritize calls as they come in.