Audio: Federal court action seeks to delay Duck Boat lawsuits, targets boat captains

Branson Duck Boat

(Missourinet) – Federal prosecutors filed court documents yesterday in Kansas City that cite two Duck Boat captains as targets in a criminal investigation of a deadly mishap.

Gerald McGonagle is an attorney who brought a lawsuit after the incident which killed 17 people on Table Rock Lake in Branson. He says the captain of the boat that sank rushed the vessel into the lake.



Court documents seek to freeze lawsuits over the Duck Boat tragedy in Missouri until a criminal investigation is complete. Springfield defense attorney Adam Woody told KOLR-TV that court efforts are intended to allow federal investigators to operate without interference.



Springfield defense attorney Adam Woody thinks the defendants in the case will attempt to use the possible federal intervention to try and shut down the litigation.



Ripley Entertainment is a defendant in at least four lawsuits filed after 17 people died when a Duck Boat sank during a severe storm on Table Rock Lake in Branson last month.