Audio: Anti-Red Flag law voted down in Missouri Senate committee

Red Flag Laws or Gun Control News Graphic

(Missourinet) – State Senator Bill Eigel’s Anti-Red Flag law has been voted down in committee on Wednesday morning

His proposed bill would have banned red flag laws in Missouri, which allow guns to be taken away from a person because of a court order or a federal protection order. Eigel tells Missourinet that this is a big victory for Democrats as two Republicans voted to derail the law.



“Missouri has had a pretty long history of defending the Second Amendment. Wednesday morning was a pretty disturbing moment because we took a step away from our history of defending Second Amendment rights. As I’ve always said, there’s never a bad day to protect the rights of the people, and in particular, Second Amendment rights, and yet that’s exactly, unfortunately, what we saw unfold in the general laws committee.”

Fellow Republican state Senator Lincoln Hough (huff) voted down the bill in committee, becoming the lone Republican to do so. He said a vote was ‘disheartening’ given the deadly Nashville school shooting on Monday.