Audio: A breakdown of costs involved in the new 17th Street Bridge, and how it will be paid for

17th Street Bridge Overhead Photo

The new 17th Street Bridge in Trenton was completed, and the detour was removed three weeks ago. City Administrator Ron Urton has compiled a list of expenses related to the bridge project, which collectively cost $3,420,000.

Urton was a guest Monday morning on KTTN’S Open Line and discussed the total cost of the bridge:



Urton also discussed the various funding sources that will pay for the bridge:



Once enough sales tax money has accumulated to pay the city of Trenton’s share on the bridge project, additional funds raised by the local sales tax (of three eights percent) can be spent on other transportation or street projects at Trenton.

Collections of that sales tax began in 2017 and will sunset in 10 years or 2027.

(Bridge photo courtesy of Jim Bush, Trenton)