AG Hawley, Auditor Galloway in fight with Greitens over use of private attorneys

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A battle over Governor Eric Greitens use of private attorneys to represent his office for possible impeachment proceedings has developed.



Attorney General Josh Hawley addressed a letter to state Auditor Nicole Galloway Friday stating that the Office of Governor lacks authority to retain private impeachment counsel. He also said the attorneys claiming to represent the office are acting without authority.

The Republican attorney general said the lawyers seem focused on advancing the individual interests of fellow GOP member Greitens rather than the Office of the Governor. Auditor Galloway, a Democrat, has expressed doubt that the governor’s office had the legal authority to hire private attorneys. Her office sent a letter to the state treasurer and Office of Administration informing them that she’s investigating the matter and questions the use of private lawyers at taxpayer expense. Governor Greitens’ spokesperson Parker Briden followed the correspondence from Hawley and Galloway with a public statement, claiming that it’s a long-established fact the governor has the ability to hire private counsel, noting the previous Democratic Governor Jay Nixon had done so.

Briden quoted a state law and referenced a 1938 state Supreme Court case to support his argument. The state legislature has assembled a special session briefly on Friday evening to consider impeachment of Greiten’s.

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