Three arrested over the weekend in Grundy County

Crime Graphic

Three individuals were arrested on various Grundy County charges over the weekend.

43-year-old Drake Wayne Brown of Trenton faces a felony charge of unlawful use of a loaded weapon while intoxicated as well as an accusation of a misdemeanor charge of assault in the fourth degree. Bonds total $10,500 cash.

On Friday, Drake Brown is accused of placing three other persons in the apprehension of immediate physical injury by allegedly making threats with a revolver and causing fear to them. On the assault charge, Brown is accused of threatening to cut throats of the same three individuals. The three individuals were identified in court information as Brittany Knapp, Kelsey Ward Millar, and Forest Shoemaker.

Twenty-seven-year-old Trenton resident Kory Neal faces four counts of passing bad checks, all from August of 2017, to businesses in Trenton and Galt.  Bond of $2,000 was posted with the court. Neal was arrested in Sullivan County.

Drake Brown and Cory Neal are to appear April 24th in the Associate Division of the Grundy County Circuit Court.

Fifty-six-year-old Robert Shoemaker of Trenton, arrested on a probation violation, is to appear in Division One of the Circuit Court May 10th. Bond is $15,000. His original charge in Grundy County is the unlawful use of a weapon.