More than 1700 attend the Poosey Fall Driving Tour in Livingston County

Annual Poosey Tour
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The Missouri Department of Conservation’s 35th annual Poosey Fall Driving Tour on Oct. 17 drew visitors in cars, trucks, wagons, carriages, and on horseback. A sunny day attracted more than 1,700 visitors to travel on service roads not normally open to the public.

Besides fall color and autumn woods, the tour at MDC’s Poosey Conservation Area is popular because the roads wind up steep hills and down into deep hollows. Roads are gravel, but creek crossings pose some challenges. The rough terrain also once hosted a historic Poosey community in northwest Livingston County.

The tour included stops showcasing forest and woodland management. A demonstration stop gave visitors a chance to walk about, see conservation exhibits, and visit with MDC employees. An MDC employee demonstrated lumber cutting with a portable sawmill. Oak, walnut, ash, hackberry, and Osage orange logs were lined up to be sawed into lumber. Some boards were claimed by visitors for home projects.

For more information about the Poosey Conservation Area, visit this link.

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