Your April 4th election day preview of issues in north Missouri

Vote Election Graphic

Numerous ballot issues are featured in voting today during the spring elections across the Green Hills counties. Polling sites are open until 7 tonight.

KTTN FM 92.3 news will follow the races and issues with our live election coverage starting at 7:00 pm.

Here’s a review on many of the issues to be decided by voters.

Registered voters within the city of Trenton decide three eights of a percent transportation sales tax with the first priority for the local revenue to be used for the city’s share of the cost to replace the aging 17th Street bridge in Trenton.

Voters across Grundy County decide a 15 cent levy increase for the nursing home district with proponents saying the additional revenue is needed to finance replacement of aging equipment and update items at Sunnyview Nursing Home.

Patrons of Princeton’s’ school district vote on five point eight million dollars worth of proposed improvements in what officials call a no tax increase bond issue Those in the North Mercer school district will decide whether to fully eliminate the annual waiver to the Proposition C sales tax rollback to finance proposed improvements, security upgrades, and to meet rising operating costs.

Without township government, voters in Sullivan County decide whether to levy an agriculture tax not to exceed one dollar per acre with the revenue placed in a special road rock fund for the county roads.

The village of Pollock votes on maintaining a 50 cent levy for four years.

Voters of Livingston County decide on a one-half of a percent county sales tax. Those in Gallatin are deciding whether to continue for ten years, a transportation sales tax of one-half of one percent.

Patrons of the Gallatin school district cast ballots on a proposed 90 cent increase in the operating levy ceiling. The additional funds would go toward retaining staff, make security improvements, maintain facilities and transportation service, while also helping with operating expenses of the district. The village of Winston is voting on continuing for three years, the 30 cent street tax levy.

Two issues are on ballots in Putnam County. One seeks a levy of 50 cents on each acre of agriculture land with proceeds to be placed in a special road rock fund for a period of five years.

The other issue is a proposed five cent increase in the levy for Putnam County Library. If approved, the new levy is 20 cents.

Unionville and Marceline voters decide whether to discontinue collecting local sales tax on the titling of motor vehicles, trailer, and boats when purchased out of state. Both Unionville and the town of Laclede, in Linn county, vote on allowing the appointment of a tax collector. Brookfield voters are being asked to continue for another five years, their transportation sales tax of one-half of a percent.

Caldwell County residents vote on a capital improvement sales tax of one-half of a percent for a four-year period to purchase gravel for the road.

Only a few area school districts have races to fill three positions on their boards of education. Among them are North Mercer, Chillicothe, Southwest of Ludlow, Tina-Avalon, Braymer, Breckenridge, Polo, Cameron, Winston, South Harrison of Bethany, Green City, and Brookfield,

Many small communities are voting on whether to forgo annual elections if the number of candidates who file equal the number of positions to be filled.

Among those with such an issue on ballots are Spickard, Brimson, Galt, Green City, Green Castle, Pattonsburg, and Winston.

There also are several towns electing city officials. The city of Trenton includes one race: second ward councilman between Larry Porter and Shey Marrs.

Candidates are unopposed in third and fourth wards: Travis Elbert and Jennifer Hottes Urich. The first ward of Trenton has no name on the ballot, but Glen Briggs is a declared write-in candidate for the position.

Many townships are voting on continuing their road and bridge levies.

Many of them also fill township positions including those of a trustee, clerk, and two board members. In some cases, winners will be decided by write-ins.