US Marshals arrest over 73,000 fugitives in 2023

United States Marshals
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In fiscal year (FY) 2023, the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) successfully apprehended 73,362 fugitives, comprising 28,065 federal and 45,297 state and local warrant cases. This averages to 293 arrests per day over 250 operational days.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco emphasized the Justice Department’s commitment to reducing violent crime through targeted efforts against major offenders. The USMS’s focus on arresting violent fugitives in high-crime areas significantly enhances community safety.

USMS Director Ronald Davis lauded the dedication of the USMS personnel and highlighted the crucial role of collaborative partnerships with state, local, federal, Tribal, and international agencies in achieving their goals.

FY 2023 Arrest Highlights:

  • Sex offenders: 10,088 (including sexual assault and failure to comply with the sex offender registry)
  • Gang members: 3,496
  • Homicide suspects: 5,447
  • International/foreign fugitives: 1,487
  • Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF) Program fugitives: 1,051
  • Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act (AWA) violations: 287
  • “15 Most Wanted” fugitives: Four

The USMS also seized over 4,731 firearms in FY 2023 during violence reduction and anti-gang operations.

A total of 86,388 warrants were cleared, with 57,280 state and local and 29,108 federal warrants.

Major Operations:

  • Operation North Star II (ONS II) in January 2023 resulted in 833 arrests in multiple cities, seizing 181 firearms, over $229,000, and 160 kilograms of narcotics.
  • Operation We Will Find You (March-May 2023) led to the recovery or location of 225 endangered missing children across the United States.
  • Operation North Star III (ONS III) in the summer of 2023 apprehended 4,455 fugitives in 20 cities, seizing 555 firearms, over $1 million, and 85 kilograms of narcotics.
  • Operation Washout in May 2023 in Maryland arrested 95 fugitives, including gang members, and seized weapons and drugs.

Notable Arrests in FY 2023:

  • Michael Anthony Baltimore, a “15 Most Wanted” fugitive, was apprehended in Florida on homicide and other charges.
  • Danilo Cavalcante was captured in Pennsylvania following an escape from prison.
  • Samuel Paul Hartman, an escaped sex offender, was arrested in West Virginia along with accomplices.
  • Cherie Goss, charged with attempted first-degree murder, was apprehended in Ohio.
  • Jason Billingsley, a murder suspect, was arrested near Bowie, Maryland.
  • Kevin Lamarr Mason was recaptured in Minnesota after an erroneous release in Indiana.

In FY 2023, the USMS played a significant role in locating or recovering 495 missing children, contributing to over 3,248 such cases since the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act.

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