Trenton Rotary hears presentation on Clean Water Initiative

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The Trenton Rotary Club heard a presentation on Rotary International’s Clean Water Initiative at its meeting Thursday.

Program Chairman Andrea Merrin talked about how the Clean Water Initiative brings awareness to the need for clean water and sanitation in many underdeveloped countries.

She said about 8,000 children die each day from diseases caused by unclean water.

Merrin discussed her experiences with unclean water and unsanitary conditions in Haiti.

She said Haiti residents spend one-third of their wages on bottled water.

She believes people in countries like Haiti need an education on the importance of clean water and good sanitation.

Rotary International provides Global Grants of $25,000 to $250,000 to install sanitary water systems and provide other sanitation needs.

Merrin said it costs about $15,000 to install a system.