Trenton Building and Nuisance Board acts on 12 properties

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

Trenton’s Building and Nuisance Board Monday evening granted seven extensions, three locations advance to public hearings; and two others were released. Two fire-damaged houses also were topics of discussion during the nearly one-hour meeting.

Public hearings are to be held November 25th for 213 West 6th Street, 1004 Laclede, and 18-14 Hillcrest. Ninety-day extensions allow more time for work to continue at 1620 Carnes, 2108 Main; 1011 Custer; 813 Olive; 2002 Chicago; 812 Grant and 302 East 7th Street. The board voted to continue the process for two other locations

A building at 2113 Mabel moves to “findings of fact” and 809 Main advances to a certificate of a dangerous building. The board recognized requested work has been completed at 1116 Tinsman Avenue and 510 West Crowder so they have been released from the nuisance list.

Receiving a declaration of a nuisance is 1437 Main owned by Jeannie Buzzard and Carmen Morin. Discussion also was held on 1111 Rural with Vandevender noting one of the owners, Debra Begley, approaching him about the damages due to fire.

A summary provided to the board shows a total of 46 structures in Trenton have received certificates of a dangerous building since 2014.

There was a quorum present with four board members who attended the meeting: Dave Mlika, Dave Milhalovich, Vicki Meservey, and Danny Matthews.