Public meetings to be held in Sullivan County regarding funding and maitenance of county roads

County Road

A series of meetings is planned at locations across Sullivan County this week to obtain public input and provide information regarding funding and maintenance of the county roads.

There’s a tax issue on the primary election ballot Tuesday, August 2nd for voters of Sullivan County to decide.

There will be a meeting tonight at 7 o’clock at the city hall of Green City.

The next meeting is Tuesday night July 19, at 7 o’clock in Milan at the Milan community center. Wednesday nights’ meeting at 7 o’clock will be in Pollock at the Pollock community center. The other meeting this week is Saturday morning at 10 o’clock in Winigan, at the D and D feed store.

Sullivan County Commissioners have arranged for the public meetings.

At the August 2nd election, a question on the ballot asks whether Sullivan County should have a road and bridge levy of 50 cents on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation.

Sullivan County transitioned the care and maintenance of rural roads from the townships to the county following a ballot issue that was approved in April of last year.